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What is An Employment Service?

Employment Service or Employment Agency, helps businesses fill their job vacancies with suitable candidates. These agencies source new opportunities, make candidate CVs more effective and shortlist the most suitable candidates. These filtered candidates are then provided guidance and pointers to prepare for the interview. Employment Agencies are mainly accountable for streamlining the job-seeking process and providing their client with the best talent to fill the vacant positions.

Benefits of Hiring Employment Agencies

In today’s competitive market most organizations prefer to avail the services of these agencies, definitely due to the benefits it provides, such as:

• Ability to identify talent: One of the biggest advantages of hiring an Employment Agency is the fact that they work with both. the employer as well as the individuals looking for jobs. Due to this, these agencies are “in the know” of the current market demands and operate as an intermediary between both parties. The knowledge Employment Agencies possess on how to avoid getting a bad candidate can be very beneficial since they know who is searching for work, how capable they are, and what are their expectations on salary.

• Negotiate Salaries: The last thing that an employer wants to get at the end of the employment process, having chosen your candidate and made a job offer, is that both of you are poles apart when it comes to salary and other benefits. Recruiters with their knowledge can provide insights on current trends. Since these agencies are actively placing skilled candidates, they have experience dealing with salary negotiations. They can come up with a solution that satisfies both the employer and the candidate. If both parties know the hopes and expectations of each other from the outset, it ensures that the deal can be sealed in a realistic prospect.

• Interviewing candidates: A big benefit of the HR Outsourcing Company is that they can conduct interviews on the employer’s behalf, this saves time and money. The Employment Consultant first does a candidate screening, mostly over the phone to bring the process of narrowing down on the applicant. The agency also does a background verification of the candidate to ensure that they are suitable for the job, and eliminate unsuitable matches. This way the company can get the most suitable workers who fit the job description.

• Deliver interim professionals: Employment Services also provide businesses the ability to increase or decrease their employee levels as needed. They can provide their client companies with professionals for full-time, permanent, or individuals for interim jobs. It can cover emergency situations where the company is in need of a professional at immediate notice. Recruiters have candidates for almost all kinds of organizational needs.

Employment Services in Bangalore

Currently, India’s information technology industry is worth over $181 USD. This has made IT recruitment agencies sprout sporadically in Bangalore. According to most estimations, it is expected to increase at a rate of 9% per year and the revenue made by this industry comprises the highest portion of the GDP of India.

Due to the high number of IT companies in Bangalore, there are many IT employment services here. Since Independence and the rise in modern education, more people are attracted to jobs in the technology sector. Also, the revolution in artificial intelligence and computers have pushed many Indians to graduate in fields related to science and information.

Other than IT Employment Agencies, there are several other employment services in Bangalore that help to streamline the recruitment process of both parties.

Why More People are Opting For an IT Career in this City and How Employment Services in Bangalore Help Here?

• Increase in Demand: Most businesses are moving towards automation and are aiming to become technology-oriented. The COVID19 pandemic has already made organizations realize the fact that traditional methods will not be working in the future. Even Governments around the world are boosting their countries’ technological infrastructure. This provides a lot of opportunities for IT professionals. And where there is demand, there is money. Employment services play a huge role in streamlining this growing employment demand.

• Generous Salaries: As mentioned in the above point, where there is demand, there is money. The IT industry generally pays about 44% more than any national average. And no doubt being a high paying job, there is a promising future here. Clinching a job through an Employment Agency also increases the chances that the company may retain you for a long time.

• Any Graduate is Welcome: According to Employment Agencies in Bangalore, it is just a myth that only IT graduates can work in the IT industry. Many non-technical graduates are welcomed in IT firms. The most important requirement is that they should be trainable. Employment consultants have helped many graduates to secure jobs in IT firms, after checking their competency and their willingness to learn. People from different backgrounds think differently and these firms are always on the lookout for new ideas and perspectives, this may be one of the reasons why they welcome non-IT graduates.


Like Mumbai, Bangalore is also a city of massive job opportunities. The demand for a skilled workforce is increasing day by day and to satisfy this demand more Employment Agencies are also opening up. These Employment Consultants filter and ensure only the deserving candidate fills the vacant position, this allows the employer to invest their time and monetary resources towards driving their business forward and not disturb their productivity by engaging in the recruitment process.